Monday, May 21, 2012

golf and gargoyles

It was a glorious late spring weekend we had, followed by another beautiful Monday, although Mondays are usually such hopeless days.


 Friday evening, me and Someone played golf. The course was nearly disserted and quiet – perfect!!  I parred the #1 hole which is something I haven’t done in years. It’s a long par 4 with trees on both sides of the fairway, and the green is surround on three side by knolls left rough (so rough it’s hard to find your ball if it stops in one). I hit a great drive, and then a really good fairway wood for the second shot that bounced off the back side of a knoll and rolled up onto the green, stopping about 10 feet from the pin. Putted for birdie but I left it just short. It’s hard to putt the first few greens because you don’t know how fast they are until you putt one. Also, the course is not as well maintained as some and there’s a lot of variability from green to green.

So Friday night, I started out par, par, bogie, skipped the 4th hole because we came up behind a family letting their toddlers play and Someone couldn’t deal with the wait. Then par, par, and then it all went to hell on #7. Shitty drive into a ditch of standing water, layed out, third shot went into the sand. Blasted out of the sand over the green and into a bunker with grass so deep I needed a machete to find my ball. Didn’t find my ball but found two others. Another penalty stroke for lost ball. Then I chipped out of the bunker. The ball landed on the green well above the hole, but the balled rolled all the way off and into a similar bunker on the other side. Another lost ball, so I told Someone to finish the hole and meet me at the next tee – F it!!! Everything about #7 was a bitch! The great thing about golf is that you never master the game; you just borrow it for a few holes.

Saturday, we took the girls to Kings Island. We arrived when the park opened, and the teens immediately abandoned us at the gate. We waited an hour for the first ride, then almost 2 hours for the second ride. The park was wall to wall teenagers!! We mutually agreed that playing golf would be infinitely more fun than standing in lines all day, so we drove over and played The Grizzly, designed by Jack Nicholas. Nice course, but I lost a lot of balls. Lots of water and sand, greens were awesome, and fairways were divine. Nothing like the course I usually play. Two rounds of golf in one weekend!!! I haven’t done that in 15 years.

Sunday was devoted to house work. Dreary stuff. A pal on Facebook told me about a place that had a gargoyle for my garden – I’ve been wanting one for a long time. I drove over to see it and decided against it. It was a dog, not a dragon or monkey. It looked like a one-headed Cerberus with bat wings. It didn’t have any respectable talons either. What I liked least was it has a chain on it so it looks like it’s chained to the ground. I don’t want my gargoyle chained for all eternity. Why chain a creature with wings? It’s like buying a songbird and taping its beak closed, or getting a guard dog and keeping a muzzle on it. Anyway, it’s been on my mind and I’ve decided to go back today and see if they still have it. I think I want it because really, gargoyles are hard to come by.

Coincidentally, Erin got me a very special gift while she was in Florida - my own little personal gargoyle with eyes that glow. Sweet!!!

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