Wednesday, May 23, 2012

daily disappointment

I’ve been checking my email accounts over and over this week.  Waiting....waiting....waiting.  The IRB will hopefully reply back with some news (good, but more than likely bad) I hope by Friday evening.  If I have to make more changes, it would be nice to have the upcoming three-day holiday weekend to work on it.  Also, I’m looking for a notice that Emily’s bed has shipped.  We have only a few decent furniture stores in this area.  Emily couldn’t find a full-sized bed she liked in my price range, so I ordered her a bed online(she picked it out) – like two months ago.  The estimated ship date was supposed to be “on or by” this past Monday.  Meanwhile, Emily has been sleeping on the couch or on her floor while we wait.  If they don’t ship it by Friday, I’m cancelling the order.  I guess we’ll just go buy a mattress and box spring and set them on a metal frame.

Since I just checked my email again for the 10th time today and was disappointed again for the 10th time, I guess I should turn this damn contraption (i.e. computer) off and get to work doing something productive – like cleaning floors or cleaning a bathroom...or something else equally fun.  Lord knows there’s plenty to be done in this rat hole we live in...or I could uncork the Turkey and grab my guitar...hmmmm.  Tough choices.    

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