Monday, May 28, 2012

promise revealed

Indeed – it was another glorious weekend day.  Very hot for this time of year; mid 90s and pretty humid too.  I finished yesterday’s post with a comment that “tomorrow has promise.”  I was thinking of promise in terms of perhaps playing tennis or golf, starting work on my new garden, or even maybe taking the family for a picnic or something.  It turned out WAY better than I hoped for. 

Screwing around on my computer this afternoon, I clicked the wrong link and ended up back at the university website.  I told myself after Friday night, there’d be no email checking for me for the rest of the weekend because I’ve been a bit obsessed lately with watching my mail. Besides that, surely those board members wouldn't be working over the weekend.  But since I accidentally brought up the site, I checked it again.  LO and BEHOLD!!!  Two emails from the IRB.  The first one told me that my application is accepted tentatively and must be confirmed with a full board review, but I can begin collecting data.  The second email was congratulations from the IRB.  Tomorrow is holiday so until Tuesday, there’s nothing for me to do but be happy that progress is happening, and enjoy the rest of the long weekend.   

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