Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday delight

Gosh folks.  I just had the best day ever!  Slept in.  Planted flowers.  Took  a nap. Played golf.  Planted more flowers.  Watched parts of a few movies. Then,  succumbed to some of my favorite beverage on the back porch with my guitar in my arms and Gracie  - well, Gracie fighting Jack through the glass of the back door.  Jack was on the inside and Gracie on the outside with me.  Anyway, mixed into my day was some routine, mindless chores.  Filling/emptying the dishwasher at least twice, dropping/picking up kids, grocery store trip, food preparation, untangling garden hose/assessing integrity of garden hose/preparing for discard of said garden hose (sadly), picking up after sloppy others, cleaning out the van, trimming back bushes, etc.
life is this

I wish I could teach Someone the value of putting tools away.  Anything he uses, he leaves it out in the rain.  How many screwdrivers, pliers, and saws have I found all rusted laying in the grass!  Tools are handy to have and I like sharp things to be sharp and grippy things to hold on properly.  What we need is His & Hers tool sets...and I’m going to keep mine locked up !!!

Is that a bad attitude for a wife?  Do husbands and wives have to share everything?  Really, I give Someone great latitude to do whatever the hell he wants.  I think we respect each other’s boundaries very well.    

This photo reminds me of a glorious day with Sarah

So, I thoroughly enjoyed today.  It felt just like the old days – maybe even before I had twins, maybe even before Sarah.  I love flowers and gardening.  I intend TOMORROW to break ground for a new flower bed.  We had to take out a tree a few years back.  Now we have a semi-sunny patch of open ground to play with.  I’ve trimmed back the Carolina Allspice and will start a botanical privacy area between our house and our neighbors.  I have an iron trellis and will plant a clematis on it; morning glories on the porch posts, some Dutch iris for next spring, maybe a rose bush, and some annuals...but I expect Gracie will dig them up before the deer get a chance to eat them.  

Also, at last – in this beautiful new area, my bird bath will be resurrected.  Surely to the heavens above neither Erin nor Emily will feel the need to fill the damn bird bath with dirt, rocks, food, grass, or whatever other sorts of innovative contents they think should go into it.  I quit setting it up because I was constantly having to clean something out of it.     

Tomorrow has promise!!!

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