Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Collin Firth sums it up pretty damn good for me tonight. 
My advisor sent an email to all three of my email accounts last night, and even called me this morning to assure me I would have a decision from the board today.  TODAY!  I’ve had hope since last night that my waiting would finally, FINALLY, be over.   OH HELL NO.  I got absolutely no news at all.  Nothing but more waiting for me.    


What I find interesting is that a month ago, my advisor said the only person who could petition the board was my chairman.  The email last night said SHE petitioned the board on my behalf.  Really?  Did she lie to me before, or maybe she’s lying to me this time, or maybe she’s just telling me whatever she thinks I want to hear or whatever will cover her ass.  I’m not in a good mood – does it show?

It makes me want to go do things that a person shouldn’t put in a blog.   

It makes me think I’ll never finish.  It makes me wish I never started.  It makes me wish lots of things that aren't good. 

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