Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday funday

The weekend ended abruptly and I’m back in the throes of another work week. Monday. Need I say more?

Sunday was a fun day. Someone committed to mowing his dad’s lawn and watching the final round of the Ryder Cup, and the girls were out of town.  The IRB continues to ignore my change request, so rather than sit home and stew about how the whole university is screwing me over, I drove over to spend the day with Sarah.  We get little time together with just the two of us these days.  For many years, it was always just the two of us.  Her dad and I split up when she was a little baby, and I didn’t start dating Someone until she was eight.  We lived together in a small apartment until Sarah was three years old - practically in each other's faces whenever we were home together.

Those were good years for us (for me, anyway…Sarah might think differently). She was a chatterbox for sure, and there was no one to listen besides me. When she was quite young, sometimes I asked her to be quiet for a few minutes…just give my ears a bit of a rest. Invariably, the task was too much. She could be quiet for maybe 20 seconds, then she would start a constant stream, “I’m being quiet. Did you think I could be quiet for so long? Have you ever heard me be this quiet for so many minutes? I’m being so quiet. How much longer do I have to be quiet?” It’s no wonder though, she really couldn’t help herself. 

Sarah and I went out for Chinese food and shopping yesterday. She insisted I try on some ridiculous shoes – big platform gold sparkly shoes with like 5 inch heels. Who really wears shoes like that? I guarantee you it won’t be me! At her insistence, I put one of the shoes on and stood there like a stork (on one foot) feeling silly wearing that sort of shoe with blue jeans and a Puma striped running sock on - it looked like something a clown would wear.  Just as Sarah pulled out her phone to snap a photo, I fell off the shoe and about broke my ankle. We both had a good laugh and I declared playtime over. I did convince her to try on an equally silly pair of red shoes. She put them both on and staggered around a bit. We marveled at how tall she was with them on – at least a whole head taller than me. I snapped the photo and then she stumbled and took them off. Silly shoes for women who will wear such ridiculous things – a woman must be desperate for attention to try to function in shoes like that.  (But I have to admit, they look good on her!!)


Sarah said...

I kind of want to go back and buy those after seeing this picture!

KYLady said...

They look pretty awesome (but not with that dress). "Work" shoes?

linda said...

I am not sure I could even stand upright in such high shoes. They are very pretty though.