Wednesday, October 10, 2012

visiting heaven

I have been returning to read this article the past few days:

Wouldn’t it be a great comfort to believe what this man says? His story is not too different from others I’ve read by people who died, went to heaven, and came back. A good friend of mine from work has a good friend (at work) who fell off a barge, went under it, and surfaced behind the towboat several minutes later.  They were able to fish him out of the river and haul him up on deck. He was already dead as best they could tell, but they started CPR and they said they thought he had a weak pulse by the time the paramedics got to him on shore.  They said when he regained consciousness, he was mad as a hornet. He liked where he was and didn’t want to be brought back to the world. It must be a very good place.

I’m not sure what I expect it’ll be like to die, or to be dead. I think death is a process and when the time comes, it’ll all seem very familiar. It’s sort of what I think about childbirth. I’m not sure anyone really needs childbirth classes, although it was comforting to learn what was supposed to happen and what I was expected to do.  I did classes both times – the first time because I really was completely ignorant. The second time, because a number of years had passed and I wanted to find out if anything had changed.  The point is, childbirth happens whether you really know what to do or not.  Perhaps the benefit of having classes is so the mother-to-be can be better prepared, which may ultimately make it easier for staff who are trying to facilitate the birth. I was grateful to have people standing by who knew what to do when my babies were born, but it would have been more comfortable for me if people would have just left me alone to get business done.

Of all the things Dr. Alexander mentioned that were communicated to him as he was escorted by those ethereal creatures, the most wonderful for me would be to hear “There is nothing you can do wrong.” Can you imagine a world where you can’t do anything wrong? What a game-changer that would be! How would that work for everyone to be right all the time? It sounds like a very peaceful existence.

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