Saturday, October 13, 2012

golf on an October day

I’ve checked my email two dozen times today.  Why?  It’s time to start stirring up venom and locusts.
Impatience is venom and locusts.
Hmmmm...what about venomous locusts?  I Googled and found no evidence.  So I saw a photo of a locust and made him (perhaps her) venomous (see fangs).

Anyway, the dark mood is setting in as I wait for those in power to take action on my behalf.  Monday will be the fifth business day of waiting since I resubmitted my change request...for the 4th time !!!!!    It’s going to turn ugly as I apply pressure to my chair and advisor to act like they care what happens.   

ANYWAY, let’s remember today for what it was – a fabulous October day in the beautiful Ohio River valley.  Mid 70s, clear air (rare), and plenty of sunshine.  Someone and I met Someone’s dad on Sandy Creek Golf Course.  Someone’s dad has a new driver; he was trying it out today.  He hit it pretty good for a brand new club.  I’m a bit envious because I use the Ladies’ model of the same series for my 3-wood.  I like it, and would get myself a driver but I’m hitting my current driver sweet these days.

Today was a great day for golf.  That course we played is out in the county.  In the hills surrounding the holes, walnut and hickory trees attract squirrels, and you can hear flocks of wild turkies scavenging for food all around.  It’s almost heaven for me.  Everywhere you look, you see squirrels hippity hopping and always busy with purpose.
October Sky
 Today I didn’t play so well, but I haven’t played much this fall.  I played well enough that it was fun to be playing.  I par’d the hardest hole on the course - #1, and some other holes.  I birdied #6, a par 3, with a 10-foot putt.  On #7, my drive rolled up within 20 feet of the postage-stamp sized elevated green upon which no grass survives for long.  Then I proceeded to hit my chip shot into the rough.  DAMNIT.  Then I chipped out of the rough, over the green into a bunker.  Then, I chipped onto the fringe.  F!  Then I putted on, bouncing, bobbling over sand, fungus, and  grass whiskers....5 feet from the hole.  It’s what we call a 2-putt green.  I took both putts to hole it.  We all agreed that the #7 green was a 2-putter because of its horrid condition.  That fabulous drive wasted!  
We golfers can replay an entire game just like that when we want to.  My favorite hole today - the number 5, par 4.  I nailed my drive – it rolled up into Dolly Parton’s cleavage – I would call it the-space- on-top-of-the-hill-between-the-two-knolls, but Someone’s dad remarked that the men in his league liken the knolls to certain anatomy of a famous country music singer.  That was my most awesome shot of the day.  That was the second best golf-shot I’ve ever hit in my life.  Gosh, that was FUN!!!


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