Monday, October 8, 2012

what not to wear

Yesterday, I took my girls to a big shopping mall about 40 minutes away from where we live. My cold-weather clothes are really raggy, so it’s time to replace some of them. I hate shopping. I’m completely out of the habit of shopping in stores, and it’s all very frustrating and annoying to go to the mall when something is needed. I started depending on Internet retail when the twins were born because it was just too much trouble to go shopping with two little ones.  Now when I walk into a store, it’s almost overwhelming to see so much stuff with so many distractions and people in the way.

At the mall entrance, I handed money to each girl and told them to meet back in two hours. It’s a huge mall, all spread out, with large department stores at 5 corners, smaller shops between, and kiosks throughout. Teens go primarily for trendy stuff. My girls cheerfully took the money and set off for great adventure.  Emily always wants to look in Victoria’s Secret, and Erin loves Charming Charlie’s, a huge place that’s all about jewelry and other accessories.  Erin is queen of accessories. I give little thought to accessorizing. I carry the same purse until it falls apart and wear the same earrings for weeks at a time.

Some people like the cluttered atmosphere that is so prevalent in many stores, but not me. I walked into one store because it had some interesting things in the window. The racks were so close together it made me almost claustrophobic. I stayed toward the front of the store, trying to look at clothes mashed tightly together on the racks, but was distracted by faceless manikins that were standing around everywhere, all dressed in full outfits with too many extra things - matching necklaces, bracelets, pins, earrings, hats, belts, sashes or scarves, purses, and of course matching shoes. Who has time to put that much thought into their daily attire and then to put it all on, and take it all off at night? It must be women who don’t get up and have a job to go to, or women who are desperate for somebody to look at them. The store was becoming suffocating and then I looked down and saw I was standing on a leopard-print rug. All those spots - too much. Then I looked up to see a giant crystal chandelier hanging over my head.  Multi-faceted light reflecting all over the place off hundreds of dangling prisms - way too much! Overloaded, I left. 

I suppose I am just a dreary dresser, no risks and no pizzazz. I tend to buy classic things that stay in style until they’re completely worn out. I found a top I liked and bought it in 3 colors. I found pants that fit and bought them in two colors. Mission completed in just under 30 minutes, and then I started looking at shoes. The styles for casual shoes are just shit this fall.  There was nothing appealing in the entire mall.  After walking around for an hour, I decided to just buy shoes online. Then I wished I’d just done the whole shopping trip online – it would have saved me lots of money.

The girls met me at the appointed place and time, and asked if we could have lunch.  All that money spending made them hungry, and they didn’t want to spend their (used to be my) money on food. They both wanted to go to Steak ‘n Shake; it’s a rare thing when they agree where to eat. Steak ‘n Shake is a place Someone would never step foot into, so I took them over there. Someone is very picky about food and restaurants. It was decent food at a reasonable price. I’d go there again (but of course, not with Someone).

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