Thursday, October 18, 2012

life goes on (for some of us)

My face is still a mess with poison ivy but there’s just no time to worry about it.  Life goes on and so must I.  No longer do I look like a Shar-pei; I’m more of a red-faced chipmunk.  It’s an improvement, but I don’t think I have enough drugs to cure this.  Probably, I’ll have to go back for more...but the decision will wait until after work tomorrow.   

Speaking of work, it’s a busy, busy, busy  place.  Last week, my company announced we will be buying a huge refinery, taking possession January 1st.  It’s horrible timing for anyone who wanted to enjoy the holidays, but so it goes and maybe it means a gigantic bonus for all of us next year.  Just those words – GIGANTIC BONUS – gives me greedy shivers.  Consequently, we were told to wrap up our current projects as best we can and prepare for an onslaught of new work.  We can’t share much information between companies until the deal is signed, which makes the transition very difficult as many decisions can’t be made until the last days before we take control.  You can’t just shut a refinery down until everyone is on the same page.  I’m kind of happy that we will have seven refineries again (we sold one a few years ago).    

So for me, “wrap up” is an impossible feat.  My backlog is at least three years.  So this week (the days I’ve worked this week) it’s been all business, no chitty chat on the phone with my clients.  All business all the time = no fun at all. 

So tonight, I will whine once again about my proposal change request.  I resubmitted on 10/8 and asked my chairman and advisor to expedite again.  My chairman claims he did when I requested him to.  Twice a day this week, I’ve been asking for a status on things.  Finally tonight, he confirmed the board was unaware I resubmitted.  WHAT???  I emailed my advisor with an authoritative bitch-gram and she called within 15 minutes of me hitting the send button.  I got her attention.  She assured me she will be presenting my case to a gathering of deans (academic affairs, doctoral studies, and my program) tomorrow morning – my case is another blatant example of break-downs in their process.  I’m really tired of excuses and at this point, apologies are meaningless.  Just approve the damn thing already.  That’s all I want!!  I’m not getting any younger!!!!  

This is upsetting me more than ever.  Maybe these steroids are making me cranky, or maybe it's just all the itching and hard work.  I'm a grouch lately.   


Linda and her Twaddle said...

I used to read about Poison Ivy in novels. I never realised it could be so unpleasant for someone. I think the worst I have in relation to a plant is a nettle sting. I feel for you and hope that things get very much better soon.

Your work place seems very, well, inconsiderate in relation to your efforts. Still, a Gigantic Bonus may well be a reward worth it all.

I love rewards too. They are very motivating.

KYLady said...

Some people aren’t very sensitive to poison ivy, but I have always been. It was a rather constant condition for me in the summers when I was a girl. I have heard of nettles but I don’t think they grow where we are. I’d much rather have a big bonus than a big raise. I think people who are starting out in their careers may think differently.