Monday, October 22, 2012

weaving horror and assorted jabber

What a horrid nightmare last night!  I was screaming from the depths of sleep when Someone shook me awake. Gracie whined and licked the sheet covering my leg for a few moments.  I thanked Someone for waking me out of it; it was awful.  Emily's bedroom is next door to ours and apparently my screams woke her up too.  It was quite a disruption, but we all fell right back to sleep. 

What was it? Perhaps the dream was triggered by watching Dexter shortly before going to sleep. In last night’s episode, Dexter was chased through a dark, cluttered maze by an axe-wielding, bare-chested, crazy serial killer wearing a bull mask with big horns. Perhaps the scare attractions and monsters at Kings Island last Saturday night had an influence.  My dream combined several things from old memories – bad people I met on a brief trip to Columbus when I was about 14, and an old wooden shed that was on my great grandfather’s farm.

It’s crazy how in our sleep, the present and past can intertwine with fact and fiction to create such horrible things.  I don’t remember the dream, only what was happening at the moment Someone woke me out of it, and that was plenty bad enough.  Maybe all these steroids are doing weird things to my mind.

The poison ivy is much better now. It looks better but still itches. There’s a big meeting for me to attend Thursday night – I hope to garner lots of participants for my study. Thank heavens the ivy didn’t come on this week or I wouldn’t have tried to sell myself and my study looking like that. And now, I can offer these people a gift card for their time and trouble. Let’s hope they want it bad enough.

Driving back home from King’s Island Sunday morning, the girls all slept soundly so I decided to go the shorter route that takes us down a twisty, windy, rather bumpy two lane road through Shawnee Forest in southern Ohio.  It’s most unpleasant for anyone who gets car sick, but with all passengers dead to the world it was my call to choose the scenic route.  The sky was brilliant blue and the trees were fabulous – lots of color – scarlet, burgundy, gold, brilliant orange, bronze, and yellow. I should have stopped to snap some photos, but didn’t take time to do that.  Pictures with my camera probably wouldn’t do it any justice anyway.

There aren't many women in our little office here 200+ miles from headquarters, and two ladies announced retirements today.  One will leave at end of year and one will go in April.  I'm happy for them that they are getting out, because we all want out.  But I'm a bit envious that I'm not ready to leave with them.  My time is coming though.  Get this dissertation finished, get my ducks in a row, and commit to a plan.  It's easier said than done.  People who retire from our office will not be replaced.  We are being phased out of existence as we die off, retire, or move on to greener pastures.       

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