Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Waiting for trouble

I am expecting a trouble call from work tonight.  UGH...hopefully it won't happen but more than likely it will.  About 12:15 phone will be ringing and it's so hard to be coherent when woke up from dead sleep. I'd rather just be awake and sleepy.  Perhaps I should go ahead and fire up my work laptop so I can be all ready to get to work.

Tomorrow is a very big day...a make or break day perhaps.  A person of interest is supposed to review my proposal and I PRAY he will call me and promise to make something happen.  Will prayer matter?  I'd like to believe it can't hurt, but I also know God has no reason to be on my side.  If I get nothing from him this week, I will abandon my proposal and beg my mentor for other ideas.  Dr Chairman hinted he had another idea if mine collapsed.  Hopefully he can come up with something that's interesting enough and that will enable me to use at least some of the literature review I've already written.  If not...there's nothing to do but deal with it.  Is anything in this life easy?


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