Saturday, December 25, 2010

Music of the Night

Merry Christmas to all.  It's 9PM and time to start thinking about tactical plans for tomorrow.  Busy day ahead!

Christmas Eve and today have been lovely.  On Christmas Eve, my daughters collected around the piano and sang Christmas carols.  Over Thanksgiving, they played strings and piano.  Sarah played fiddle (she will not let me call it a violin), Erin played viola, and Emily played cello or piano.  It was so much fun!

Today the kids got us up early to open gifts.  We opened presents and then all the kids and the hubbie (aka Someone) went back to bed.  I stayed up and made a vat of mashed potatoes and a vege casserole to take with us to a big family dinner - Someone's family has Christmas dinner together every year.

This weekend, we played a family game of Monopoly and I learned to play Apples to Apples.  Monopoly is such a dreary game - but it does goes quicker when there are 4 players.  Sarah captured Park Place and Boardwalk early in the game - that was the central spike in the coffin for the rest of us.  She ended up taking the whole row (except for the railroad) - she had the dark blue and green properties, and consequently won. 

Then a much more fun game - Apples to Apples.  The kids taught us how.  It's fast moving and easy to learn.  Someone and I had fun playing.  Today after dinner, 9 of us sat around the table and played.  The youngest player was 10 and she enjoyed it - it's really a good game for a wide range of ages.  Erin won that one by a huge margin....she is quite creative (like her sisters).

Tomorrow will be a day of working on my dissertation.  I'm at the crossroads...or perhaps it's like laying on a railroad track.  If I don't get up and get moving in the right direction, I should just jump off the track, or be crushed.  Such an easy, EASY thing to do - jump off the track.  I've been lingering too long in one spot...time to move.


Sarah Wood said...

The central spike in the coffin? Wouldn't a central spike go through the body?

KYLady said...

I imagine so, my dear, thoughtful daughter. I should have said the "main" spike...for that matter, I should have said "nail" not spike. And really, I don't think we have nailed coffins shut since the 1800s, have we? In this day, we probably SuperGlue the coffins shut.