Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A little help, please?

I sent e-mails to my committee members explaining my dire situation.  I solicited advice and inspiration from both of them.  I'm now throwing myself at the mercy of anyone who might be able to help.  Obviously my mentor is not going to be involved - he is content to sit by while I flounder.  The basic conversation with him was like me saying "I'm drowning" and him saying "then get out of the water".  Like, if it were that easy, I would have a new topic and the damn thing written by now! 

Geez, I'm blogging instead of working, and instead of Christmas shopping.  I promised myself I would go online and do all the shopping tonight.  It's hard to be in the spirit of Christmas with so much brain clutter.  The girls have birthdays Friday and I need to prepare for their party.  How does one prepare for a "sleepover" with 9 girls?  Lots of serious junk food, food, and more food.  They will eat and text all night long.  My girls looked like this about 12 years ago.

And last week, they looked like this.

They rarely, if ever, dress alike.  They are both wearing red in this photo because they were dressed for their Christmas orchestra recital.  All  members wore black skirts or pants and red, green, or white tops.  Anyway, my little girls will soon be 15 years old.  They will be wanting their driving permits in a year.  Two teenage drivers on our car insurance. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  Scary thought!

I'd better commence shopping.  Perhaps a bit of fine Kentucky bourbon will put me in the mood.  Tis the season to run up some major credit card debt.  The girls gave me lists of things they'd like to have for their birthday or Christmas.  Erin's list has 15 items.  Emily's list has 72 items.  I guess some people are more needy (or greedy) than others. 

What do I want for Christmas?  A dissertation topic that will work.  That's all I want. 


Sarah Wood said...

Maybe Jim Beam can be your new mentor : -)

KYLady said...

Ah! You so funny, Miss Sarah. ��