Sunday, December 26, 2010

revision ad infinitum

I reread my previous post. Everytime I do that, I want to pull it up and edit it. Why is it I can never say what I mean the first iteration?? Perhaps people who are better writers than I, or eloquent speakers, can just do that.  People like me must muddle through.

So, the bit about nailing coffins…Sarah pointed out a central nail would go through the body. What I was trying to build with that metaphor, was the concept that one decisive act can define the future for many people . Amen. But I must say the thought of nailing a spike through the center of a coffin sounds rather vampirish.

My profile pic looks a bit creepy in thumbnail size. The image was made by daughter, Sarah. It is a collage of photos of rocks. My face, neck, and mouth are polished slices of agate. The background is (I believe) repeated images of fluorite. The rose is sandstone. I love rocks (and my daughter(s)).

We have a skiff of snow on top of the other snow. The roads are clear, so that is mainly what matters this time of year. All hope of spring is gone until March arrives.  The night is cold and lit up with Christmas lights!

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