Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Kicking back a little bit tonight.  I turned in my paper, wrote and submitted my reflection statement.  Caught up now...until tomorrow.  It does give me a sense of accomplishment to be "caught up" on something.

Erin built a snowman today.  What a pleasure to drive up to the house and be greeted by this little guy.  I apologize for the dimness of the photo - it was nearly night when I got home and my phone camera sucks. 

 Still no dissertation topic has come to mind.  I have a hard time thinking outside the confines of corporate walls.  I need to step away from bricks and morter and think in terms of Internet.  What can be done with the Internet.  ListServs are powerful, social networking is powerful.

So it's nearly Christmas, and nearly birthday time for my daughters.  They will be 15!  Where does 15 years go?  Where did the last three years go?  University of Phoenix took it.  More realistically - I gave it.  I paid them to take it!!! 

 On this day fifteen years ago, I was hugely pregnant; the babies were not due for at least two months,  We had two cribs set up and ready, and the bedroom painted...but I was not ready when the time came.  Total disbelief, and then denial - THIS can't possibly be happening today.  But it did.   

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