Monday, December 20, 2010

Special Needs Laundry

Tonight is a brief night of celebration - my work is submitted on time and no more school work tonight!  Winter Break officially starts tomorrow.  Now I have two weeks to rework my dissertation topic - find a new one, or twist the current one to fit something else. 

Tonight I am catching up laundry...if that is possible.  It seems like at least 50% of the girls' stuff is what I call Special Needs Laundry.  It has to be washed in cold, line dry, or air dry, or lay flat, or....whatever!  It's not washer-2-dryer friendly.  I need to invest in a drying rack company, I'd bet they're all in China. 

The world is getting smaller.  My piece of it had better be waiting for me when I finish this crazy program...11 months from now if all goes well (so far...not so well).  My ideal place will have a stream running through it with lots of wooded hills and some open pastures.  A good-sized pond would be exceptionally nice.  No noise, blue skies, butterflies, Queen Anne's Lace, blackberries, bluebirds, and hawks overhead.  My bit of heaven.   


Sarah Wood said...

And your daughter's horses eating the grass to nubs and dugging up the ground into mud soup : -) Just kidding. Maybe you need to invest in a laundry lesson for the girls, or a shopping lesson. I remember every time I ever tried to buy anything the first words out of your mouth were about the care tag!

KYLady said...

Yeah - it worked until you were about 14 or 15...then you bought it anyway. Oh well, in a few years they will be out of the house and taking their laundry with them. Then I will miss doing their laundry (..or..maybe not so much).

Mary Q Contrarie said...

Here is a US made clothes drying rack. I bought one a while back and have been really happy with it. No plastic parts and they guarantee all the parts are replaceable and fixable.

KYLady said...


That is an awesome drying rack and I could really use another one. I like how it folds up nice and compact. I will consider ordering one this month. THANKS!!