Thursday, December 30, 2010

More ideas

The evening flew by and too many interruptions to be productive tonight.  I left the office relatively early (worked only 9 hours today) so I could cook supper for the family.  I did that, started a load of laundry, chatted with Sarah on the phone several times, and then my brother and his girlfriend stopped by to glean info about buying a laptop.

Most recent vocabulary words:

amenable - willing to cooperate; accountable
distal - situated away from the point of attachment

One possilble new topic - from a study published in 2007 - explore risks associated with worker turnover.  I don't think I can relate this to information systems or technology

From a study published in 2007 - In comparison to safety performance of peer companies, how do different levels of management and employees perceive the safety performance of their company?  This is important from a safety culture standpoint.  Also, from a financial standpoint.  The researchers noted that upper management makes budgetary decisions and in this particular study, they perceive their company is doing as well or better than peers.  They base their perceptions/opinions on traditional lagging metrics that have nothing to do with risk level.  I'm not sure how to put together a valid population for a study like this, but I can relate to information systems.  It relates directly to purchasing decisions for EHS information systems.

From a 2008 study, the researcher calls for increasing our understanding of near misses in relation to regulatory enforcement and workplace risk.  This is intriguing since I am supposed to develop a near miss data collection and reporting system next year.  How can I relate this to information systems or technology?

I;m considering the topic about auditing.  It was recommended by researchers in a study pubished 2010.  I did a quick scan and the researchers are correct - very few studies published on the topic.  Auditing??  I put that right up there with accounting in boring topics.  If this is the one, I'll have to find some semi-interesting facet to focus on.  Is their an interesting facet?? 

Enough blogging for tonight!  To bed with me so I can get up and go to work in 5 hours.  UGH!

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