Saturday, December 4, 2010

Starting over

The day has come.  My grand plan has failed and now it's time to admit defeat and start over.  Time is up and I failed to get approval for my dissertation study.  Nobody said no...the problem is nobody said yes.  The failure is the same.  Now it's time to look for something else - something that I can do without approval from a company.  Something I can do bureaucracy involved.  The only thing I can think of is a qualitative study where I can solicit people for interviews.  Data is data is data.  I can do the analysis and statistics.  I just need the data.

A year of work...hopefully it's not all for nothing.  I learned a lot....not sure it matters at this point.  Perhaps the most valuable lesson is that I should never depend on anyone else for anything..including my mentor.  I get a two-week winter break from this dreary class I'm in.  If I can take a day or two off work during winter break, that's a big chunk of time to research another topic.  Perhaps something will come to me in a dream tonight. 

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