Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crockpot magic

I really have no business being up at this hour, but it's me here....again.  A long day of long?  Today I wrote four posts and planned a paper.  Tomorrow's task is to produce the paper.  This one doesn't feel like writing; it's reproduction.  Last week's big project was a team paper.  I thought my team did pretty well, but we sucked grade-wise.  DANG IT!!!  I left out a reference that I cited in my part of the compilation = my ownership, no doubt about it.  I made sure I had their references and then missed one of my own.  *disappointment*  It cost us .5 of 10.  Other points were deducted for excessive wordiness, acronym not defined, improper cite, bad choice of words, etc. etc. etc. UGH.  So now, the task for tomorrow is to take the team paper and make it mine.  In a way, it's kind of stress relieving.  I can fix all the mistakes and improve it all.

Today's writing involved topics of business process reengineering, ERP systems, supply chain management, impediments to knowledge sharing, and challenges and issues with capturing knowledge into instructional manuals, work instructions, and procedures.  ERP systems are rather overwhelming to me.  They are awesome and powerful when accepted and well-embedded in an organization.  Then when you think about linking these together across organizational boundaries - those connective webs of data flow, and all the processes in between - it's magic.  It can be fun to make webs.

But the topic for tonight is my crockpot!  Tonight as I was washing it - The realization appeared that I use this thing a lot!  My crockpot is an awsome pot that I use I lot.  You just throw the food in, plug it in, and walk away.  It makes enough to feed the family for two days.  This thing is a miracle!
That photo was taken by (me with) my Sony Cybershot camera - a $300 point-and-shoot camera.  It looks like sepia for God's sake! Perhaps it's photographer mismanagement of the camera features, but we are not quite that bland (I hope). 

We went to a Sam's Club today.  I try to carve out a few hours with the family on the weekends.  It was an apalling place.  This is the United States and Sam's Club seems to epitimize what this country is about: 

buying stuff!!!! 

Lots of stuff.  Too much stuff.  Gigiantic carts loaded with stuff people want to buy.  We bought a giant package of chicken, two crockpots full, for $1.97 per pound.  Tomorrow, half will go into the crockpot, and half will go into the freezer.  That was a good deal.  Jerry loves to shop (as do the girls) and we walked up and down the aisles for an hour.  It cost us $107 by the time we walked outta there.  At the end of the parking lot, a man had puppies he was giving away.  He said the mama is a "shamzoo" and the father is a golden retriever.  I can't find any reference to a shamzoo breed of dog (of any various spelling).  They were cute but large for 6 weeks old, and looked like they will be wooly when grown (thick long fur).  We need a low maintenance dog...if there is such a thing!  Also, I thought 6 weeks was a bit young to take a pup away from its mama.  They should nurse until 8 weeks at least...right? 

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