Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Silent Night

I stepped out to peek at Orion and breathe some night air.  A little wake-up was needed (I'm waiting for our last team member to (make final edits and) post).  OMG...I'm writing in SQL!

The night is cloudy with wet clouds and the temperature is cold enough to snow.  It's coming...

I coudn't see Orion tonight, so I'll write about this famous hunter.  To imagine him in the constellation (you could Google his photo) he faces you (or in the picture I saw, he was front facing but 45 degrees to his left).  His right shoulder is Betelguese (I believe that is pronounced Beatle-Juice) and his left shouldar is Bellatrix.  His left foot is Rigel, and Saiph is his right.  HMMM....I call myself on excessive use of parentheses.  I'm no writer >:(    

More later (maybe) on this topic.  What was so great about Orion anyway?  

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