Thursday, January 6, 2011

My kingdom for a nap

Sleep deprivation is an ugly thing.  For the past three nights, I have been staying up too late working on assignments – 3 hours of sleep per night is just not enough.  This morning, the familiar hang-over feeling greeted me as I fumbled to squelch the damn alarm clock, bane of my existence.  From the dark side, the succubus whispers “Roll over - go back to sleep – just for 3 minutes, pretend you have a choice.”   “NO!!,” says I, architect and controller of all things mundane.  “Do not tempt me to indulge in frivolities!”  I throw off the snuggly blankets and sit up in bed.  The migraine says “Hello, did you miss me?”  

Rest not, oh weary woman, for ye have children to get to school and bills to pay.  Put thy feet on the floor and get ye to the shower to wash all hope from every last crevice of your soul.  Such is my life.  I’m a self-made robot with a soul of soldered transistors, resistors, and capacitors...and other electronic doo-dad stuff-widgets. 

In a semi-coma, I put myself together, drop the kids at school, and drive me to the office.  As is my habit, bulging laptop bag in one hand, bag of gym clothes in the other, and purse slung over one shoulder, I trudge up the steps to the second floor and fling open the door.  Thia time, I failed to step out of the way and hit myself squarely in the face with the heavy steel door.  “Nice touch,” says the migraine.  Enough already!  I sit down and dock my laptop, switch on, pull out the notepad and pen, strategically arrange paper stacks on my desk, pop a Treximet to quiet the bitch, and flip on my space heater.  Let the games begin!


KYLady said...

katie informs me, the kitty's name is Callie. Not unlike those lovely calla lilies. I gifted a pot of those to Katie's grandmother recently. Katie took the photo of Callie and let me use it :) Thanks Katie!

Katie said...

Your welcome! I always have fun pictures of the puppy and the kitties. Feel free to use whatever you like! :)

KYLady said...

Thanks very much!

Sarah Wood said...

I like your post mommy, you're a good writer! Maybe that's what you should be writing professionally instead of old ID jargon!