Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day dreaming about success

Is this real or is it a hoax?  It’s supposed to exist in Colorado, but it looks like it belongs out west to me (if it’s real at all).  Maybe not though - those are pine trees on top, but it looks like sandstone on the sandstone prevelent in the Rocky Mountains?  I thought the rock should be harder than that...for some reason.  I got home from work early last night (by 5:15) and went straight to bed.  I woke up this morning (at 6:00 AM) feeling like Rip Van Winkle.  It’s official – I’m caught up on sleep.    

Speaking of “out west”, in summer 2012 my expected graduation occurs in Phoenix, Arizona. To really go through the graduation…is this ridiculous? All the professors tell us we shouldn’t miss it – UoP puts on a big show – bagpipes and drummers lead the graduates into the arena – the doctoral regalia costs like $600…is that crazy?? They have well-known people speak. I didn’t go through graduation for my masters degree. Sarah was a baby and I didn’t want to hire a babysitter….or my thinking was that if I were going to hire a babysitter, playing golf would be a better use of my money than sitting through a graduation ceremony. Not only that, I was not going to graduate with anyone I knew and nobody was going to attend – it seemed pointless. So, I keep thinking about this out-west vacation so that I will stay inspired and motivated to not give up on my dissertation. It’s a heavy weight hanging over my head. One more week of the current class, then I must PICK SOMETHING AND GET TO WORK ON IT. I want to graduate with my friends. To not finish on time will be failure.

So, plane tickets for everyone..motel, car rental, what else? I want to see the Grand Canyon. Jerry wants to go to Vegas. It smells like a lot of money, but what an awesome trip it will be! I hope everyone can come and share the vacation with me.

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