Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday night, less uptight

I wrote a post earlier today – during my lunch break. Reading it back now – oh my! *Giggle* I must have been in afternoon slump-mode. I was sort of resting from the morning. The industrial plant environment is exciting, I kind of love the process and machinery and yes…….that remote danger factor.

In truth, the morning was very successful for me. I secured a team of four and implemented a change that would have dire consequences if the process should fail. It involved changes to a server, clients, and mobiles. I woke up to snow covering ice on the roads, drove out to the refinery, instigated and coordinated work, and did the client installs. Things went much better than I expected, but the real test will be Monday. Today was implementation, configuration, and accessibility testing. Monday starts operational testing – that’s when the bulk of issues will be discovered. Good MONDAY morning to me *sarcastically*

So, a chat with my academic advisor has set my mind to rest about the urgency of getting my proposal submitted. Honestly, it’s a huge work, but I do huge work. It makes me smile to think that I CAN do huge work. What’s a dissertation? 200+ pages and a lot of repetition. I can do this. I CAN DO THIS!!!! 

The current class ends next Tuesday and then there's a "week off" if... I have 9 weeks to get things moving.  I only have three more classes - everything else is mentor-dissertation work.  Since I'm a private-pay student, I can purchase mentor time as needed (sort of).  This is good!  If I avoid one class - that pays for 6 plane tickets to Phoenix (today's prices).....knowing I might buy 8 tickets if the older girls have significant others.  Grandchildren???  Anything is possible. 

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