Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Falling apart

Paper turned in 3 hours before due date.  It was not much fun to put together but it's history now...I'm done with it all.  I did get a crack at creating a proper APA formatted table - a decision matrix in this case.  An exerpt from my reflection statement for this week was:

"The discussions this week were about implementing an ERP financial module and an ERP system for supply chain management. ERPs seem a bit overwhelming but if implemented well the benefits are worthwhile. The scope of such a large project intensifies the challenges. ... I’ve spent much of my career integrating information systems. When everything works the way it’s supposed to, it’s like magic. Thank heavens for reliability in an IT world created by Sarbanes-Oxley-dictated change management. I expect auditing Sox compliance for the first year of an ERP implementation would be an auditor’s dream…or nightmare."

One more week of this class and the future scares me.  It's another one-on-one for eight weeks with my dissertation mentor.  We are to polish up my proposal and get it submitted.  Look at me - I'm still struggling to start over.  I have two ideas and wrestling to select one. I just did a decision matrix to rationalize an outsourcing decision (for my big paper this week).  Perhaps I should do the same for this decision.  Perhaps it's just a bad case of analysis paralysis!  Problem is, I need to research both ideas before I can rationalize a decision.  

I need speed.   

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