Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting ready...

Practicing for black belt test.

No way!!


Me = testing for a black belt in Chun Kuk Do this coming Saturday….trying to wrap my head around that this evening. Code of ethic #2 applies: “I will remain in a positive frame of mind and convey this feeling to everyone I meet.” This means displaying confidence and courage throughout the test, no matter how bad I suck. This reminds me to review the 12 codes of Mr. Norris’ ethics.

The test is excellent timing for me. My class ended Monday night; this is the second night of …whatever a holiday might be like….I forget. I’m taking some breathing space. Tomorrow night is my last karate class as a first red belt. After that, I will insert myself back into research. Tonight is my last night to chase turkey.

Work has picked up lately. The lull of the holiday is over. We went into the new year with a bang – the company is splitting July 1st. We got the news two weeks ago. Shared services to split up like you wouldn’t believe, and this right on top of the sale of a chemical plant and refinery + assets last November. We’re still trying to hand off those systems gracefully. I have a lot of projects right now. It’s like juggling balls all the time – how many balls can I keep in the air? Somedays, like 15 or 16 on my HOT LIST. The hot list is the stuff I have to focus on - deadlines tight. My list is independent of all the interruptions: people who walk in, people who call, people who e-mail, people who IM, and various combinations. ENUF about work already!

Time to play some music.

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