Sunday, January 23, 2011


It makes me happy to hear my children make music.  I love music - it's been a passion for me forever.  My first child, Sarah, paid attention to music before she was born.  On Christmas Eve in 1984, Woody and I attended Christmas Eve service in the Maysville Presbyterian Church.  The organ thundered in the little sanctuary and Sarah, born little more than two months later, moved to the beat of the music.  I could feel her everytime the organist played.  I didn't know she was a girl then, but I knew my baby was wired for music.  This is an old picture of the church (the cars date the photo).  Also interesting to note, this church has a cannonball embedded in the side - a remnant of civil war history.   

Here is another of Sarah's videos - Keeping the Fire Warm.  I love it.  Sarah plays the banjo and sings backup to Karly Dawn Higgins.  If that doesn't make you want to cuddle up to the whisky bottle, nothing will. 

Sarah's dad played a banjo very well.  He did the Earl Scruggs 5-string finger picking style (he studied under Leo Blair at Morehead.  Sarah prefers the old-time claw hammer style.  To each his own.  Woody began playing banjo the second year I knew him.  I used to hate the tinny LOUD sound of it.  I was an acid rock fan and prefered the electronic/electric guitar/Pink Floyd style of music.  He practiced often and became very proficient with Earl Scrugg's rendition of Cripple Creek  If he were alive today, I'm sure he'd be very proud of Sarah. 

Meanwhile, during the time he was learning banjo, I was busy on the guitar learning  Mother Maybell Carter's Wildwood Flower on the guitar. The first thing I learned to play on guitar was House of the Rising Sun.  Sarah made an awesome recording of that song when she was 14 years old...I doubt she would think so.  I still like Wildwood Flower.  

Getting late and I have work to do in the morning and all day/night.  Write three posts and a massive paper.  Time for me to go to bed...more later!    


Sarah Wood said...

1984? So was this your 26 year old Sarah?

KYLady said...

OK OK - I messed up. It was Christmas Eve, 1986. You just wait - someday you'll be old and senile like your mother.