Friday, May 18, 2007

He's b-a-c-k!!!

I thought Jack had left us for good, but the girls went into the woods and called him, and he came back. We were all so happy to have him home again. He had gone missing for nearly 2 days. He has been staying closer to home since returning to us. Here is a picture Sarah took of my Jack.
I found a milkweed pod today on one of my "freedom" walks today. Sometimes I just got to get out of cubicle world and see something besides paper and taupe, gray, cream, and ecru walls, furniture, and carpet. The milkweed has two seeds left in it so there is hope that I might one day grow my own milkweed plant. I intend to try.
TGIF - I live for weekends. I have to take Emily to Portsmouth tomorrow to try on and buy her tap shoes. I should cook for the folks this weekend, I didn't make them anything last weekend. Clean house, work in the garden, and anything else I can get into.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Out Catting Around...

Molly left last night and chose not to return. Erin said there was an obviously MALE cat hanging around and I'm hoping Molly hasn't decided it's time to start a family. I couldn't give her any medicine this morning because she didn't come home. I'm supposed to take her to the vet tomorrow to recheck her eye and schedule her we don't have to worry about kittens. Kittens would be awesome, but I don't want any more cats and I fear we'll have trouble finding homes for kittens. There are always kitten ads in the paper.
I'm taking the afternoon off today. A breath of FREEDOM. I can't wait to get outside and see what happiness feels like, and it's a perfect day today for it.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


I suppose we are officially owning Molly now. After two months, there's still been no lost ads in the paper and since she has totally moved in on us, we'll keep her. I have an appt to take her to the vet this evening. We'll have her checked for worms, get her shots, and have her eye looked at (she either got stung or scratched in the eye - looks gross). I have no picture to post of her, I don't think anybody has taken a picture of her. She's getting better looking as she gets older - the rest of her fur has grown long to match her fluffy tail.

As for Jack, he has disowned us since Molly moved in. He only comes home now if we call him. He'll come in for a few hugs and a bite to eat, then he's yowling at the door, wanting to leave again.

Next up on my to-do list, call an exterminator. The ants are back. I HATE ANTS. Maybe I should start raising ant-eaters...they're similar to cats.