Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I made some time to blog tonight. It has been a few hectic weeks lately. I am dead dog tired but taking some "ME" time tonight. We had some weird weather last week - 70 degrees in February and thunderstorms... check out the rainbow!

Here's a photo of Erin and Emily and Brittany - they were soaking wet. They had been playing in the rain. I'm happy they still like to play in the rain!

I am happy tonight. I have a ton of work to do but I am taking a break from it, and going to bed soon. I turned my BIG paper in tonight. I have another to work on, and time to start next week's work. Last week of class, and then a week or more off. I will have to decide whether to wait until after the Hawaii trip to start back. I hope it works out that I don't have to take a break.
Sarah has recorded new music. I am looking forward to a finished product (what we in IT-world call a deliverable). Gimmee.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ice Trees

I wanted to share photos of our trees. The sun came out and they were magnificient. The ice melted off our trees today, and now it's what I call nasty winter days. The dirty snow is piled up and dirty ice is everywhere. The snow is mostly gone but muddy puddles are everywhere. I AM READY FOR SPRING!!!

They might just be shiney branches to you, but really, they were spectacular!

Emily had a bit of a sledding accident this weekend. I took a picture of her poor face, but you should have seen her the first few days after it happened! Her eye was swollen shut and she did look somewhat like she'd been mauled by something.

I had a monster weekend. I worked on a paper ALL weekend. I was pretty happy with it when I submitted it this evening but I have NO IDEA if it's even remotely close to what the prof is looking for. I hope it is. I'd accept 90% but if I get less than that...HMp. I read the instructions and set forth...but it seems like the instructions change everytime I read them. I must reinterpret the instructions every time I read them.
Erin wants to see Sweeny Todd and it's running at the Keith Albee next week. The last two times I saw shows there I was very disatisfied with the sound quality. If I'm paying $68 I want to hear the dialog! Emily said she doesn't want to see it and I am rather indifferent, other than the expense. I just recently borrowed some $$$$ to catch up on tuition payments.
Well.....I'm off again. I have one more post due before tomorrow night is over. Then Week 6 starts. No extra papers due Week 6 but I need to start working ahead on the Week 7 paper. Also I need to start checking the Week 8 paper virtual business. I'm liking this class but I just don't like all this security stuff. Ethics is interesting. I'm interesting in "knowledge-sharing" too. I didn't really think much about the difference between knowledge and information until this week.