Saturday, April 23, 2016

Greening up

I wrote this post yesterday morning, and will go ahead and set it free...

Morning came much too early today. I’m mostly brain dead today, so much so that I find myself unable to think straight line enough to work.  Or perhaps it’s the countdown to freedom – 49 business days…but surely I must have counted wrong the last time. After counting twice this morning, surely it is 49 business days until my last day.

Last night (and this morning until just after 3 a.m.), I sat up to work on a report for University #1. My mind was made up to get it submitted before bed, even if it meant staying up all night.  Well, it seems as though I did just that given that my alarm clock is set to go off at 6:34 a.m.  I went to bed and was so wired up (from lots of caffeine) that I sat up and played games on my iPad for another 30 minutes.  I lost myself in writing that report; it’s kind of good thing to get so immersed in something that you lose track of time. As a young girl, I used to get lost in play.  Now, I get lost in work. In my head, I can still hear my grandmother’s voice – “Where the hell have you been?  Do you know what time it is?  Why didn’t you come when I called for you?” These were always rhetorical questions. I learned early on that the best answer was no answer.

The hills are greening up this week. I LOVE IT!!!  Under the tall canopy of emerald splendor, the white dogwoods have taken over just as the brilliant orchid of redbud trees has faded to pale pink. Such is the cycle of spring beauty in northeastern Kentucky. A blight moved through much of Appalachia years ago, taking lives of countless dogwoods.  The population here continues to thrive; we are blessed. Dogwood trees planted in full sun grow round and full, their blossoms are so plentiful you can’t even see through the branches. Under tall shade trees, the limbs stretch flat and lanky. When in bloom, it’s as if the trees have layers of white umbrellas.

welcome the green


I miss my kayak. There has been no time to get out in it. I miss golf too. In two weeks, the term for University #1 will be over. That should free up some time, unless University #3 comes through and contacts me to begin training.  I hope they do, but if not, I’ll ramp up my job search and take time to paddle some lakes and the Little Sandy. University #2 is now wrapping up Week 2 of an 8-week session. I have three classes with them right now. 

Someone has been playing golf with his dad again in recent weeks. Someone hurt his elbow playing basketball a few months ago, but he is finally back to normal again. He can take most afternoons off work during warm months (don’t get me started on that!), so that’s when they meet at the course. Someone’s job is so VERY different from my corporate job. It’s not that I punch a time clock, but the work culture and expectations are night and day compared to his government job. I’m going to get some new irons as a retirement gift to myself.  My clubs are at least 10 years old now, I’m not as strong as in my younger years, and it’s really just time for an equipment upgrade. When I had my clubs regripped last spring, the pro remarked that my clubs were older than his grandmother. They’re not that old!!

Erin finishes classes this week but will stay in Louisville for the Derby. She is going (and I am envious). Horse races are wonderful fun, but alas I’ve not been to any in many years. Erin’s apartment is only a few blocks from Churchill Downs. How lucky is that! She can just walk over and not have to hunt a parking place and get into that miserable traffic jam. We still don’t know what she is doing this summer; she has yet to find a job.

Emily’s classes finish in three weeks. She is definitely coming home because her boyfriend is here. She has two part-time jobs lined up. And then Sarah – always busy with all her jobs and projects and opportunities. I had hoped we would find time for a girls-only vacation again this summer.  It just does not seem likely with all that’s going on with the girls this summer. If we can go somewhere together at all, it will have to be very short. The dates we had blocked on the calendar no longer work.

That’s what happens with children when things go right. They grow up and get lives of their own, then the mother has to compete with the world for their time. I’m grateful for this fate – grateful for their success. I do hope to visit Sarah soon.  We will go to my new favorite greenhouse and buy flowers and vegetables to plant. We had so much fun there last year. I love my girls.