Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dicentra spectabilis

A “higher up” forwarded an email with a link to an article about employees’ ever-increasing requests and demands to access the corporate network from personal mobile devices. Some corporations are experimenting with strategies to make mobile device communication work securely – arguably a long-term challenge. The “higher” made a sarcastic comment, insinuating the masses would prefer to never be obligated to work from personal mobile devices. That is SUCH an arrogant attitude, but no matter. I predict that before Generation Y is able to retire, the model for corporate organization structure is going to be much flatter and more networked.

The younger generations have information at their fingertips from the time they are born, potentially even before they are born considering the miracles of modern medical science. Look at the baby toys these days – electronic rattles that light up when moved, movies designed for ages 3-months old and up, toddler education software, public preschool kids begin computer literacy training. Think about how much we middle-agers depend on our Internet, wireless, mobile phones, wi-fi, blue-tooth, etc. The younger folks miss it more than we do when it’s unavailable. At least we old folks can force ourselves to revert back, do things the hard way, or make do until services are restored. It’s very inconvenient, but survivable. The younger generations are lost and in virtual panic-mode when they want it and can’t have it (technology).

The real solution here is to somehow implant communication-enabling electronics directly into a person’s body somehow unobtrusively and hopefully painlessly. That would be pretty dang creepy! Might make a good movie.

Look at this – a neglected bleeding heart.

Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis)
I'm not sure why I like bleeding hearts so much.  They are dainty and look like pink hearts, sort of.  Their leaves remind me of hands.  They have no noticeable scent, but I like them.  When my dissertation is done, rebuilding my gardens is going to be FUN!!       

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