Monday, August 20, 2018


I came to my blog today, determined to write something.  ANYTHING.  I like to write, so why is it that writing rarely happens anymore?  In fact, the title of my last post – Status Quo – pretty much has become a mantra for all aspects of my life.  The truth is that it’s hard to be inspired to write when nothing happens.  Surely something has happened lately...but it has not.

My life
It’s completely my own fault (that there is nothing new to write about).  The summer is waning and I’ve not even once taken my kayak out.  Someone and I have not been on a long hiking adventure in forever.  We have been playing golf a few times a week...that must be it – golf has replaced all the other things.  Don’t get me wrong, golf is fun – sometimes lots of fun.  The issue is that it’s not like I’m an LPGA hopeful or anything.  My game is average at best, so at the end of the round, there’s not a lot to commit to memory (a few holes, perhaps an excellent putt or drive here and there). 

Truly, it is time for change.  Someone has a commitment for this coming weekend so weather permitting, KYLady is getting her ass in gear and taking the kayak out.  If the weather sucks, it’s time to go shopping for new flooring and furniture.  YES.  This house needs some renovation...again.  Paint, floor, drapes, and furniture.  It makes me cringe to think of the amount of work all this will be for me, but it needs to be done. all my free time.
But for now, it’s time to work again.  I need to create some lecture videos.  This teaching thing has become an awful lot of work. I like the work, but it’s taking a lot of time...for so little pay.