Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring At Last

I think it's finally here to stay - SPRING. I love it. My lilac bush i s blooming and smells like heaven. I'm going to miss our May bush this year, but we had to get rid of it before it ruined the foundation of the house and now I have a fairly large sunny patch of land to play with.

Today, I played my first 9 holes for 2008. I would have preferred to spend the evening at a driving range, but none around was open so the old man and I headed for Sandy Creek. The place wasn't too crowded at all. I teed off with limited confidence but smacked my best drive of the day out to to 150 yard marker in the middle of the fairway. From there, it went ugly. I did make 3 pars today - #2 (par 3), #4 (par 4), and #8 (par 3). I'd say I hit at least one decent shot on every hole, but I lost 3 balls in 9 holes, and visited a few rough knolls and bunkers. I got opportunities to practice uphill, downhill, and sidehill lies. I got to practice the knock down shot under trees. Gee - it was a learning day for me. This year, I'm getting a new putter. It's time.

I will be landing in Ireland in less than a week and I am excited about that. Worried too about how everything will go here at home and work with me away. I still have a ton of loose ends to wrap up before I can hit the road. I've been making lots of lists lately. I am very much looking forward to seeing Sarah in person again. We tried Skyping a few times at first but it was just too frustrating - Sarah's internet connection sucks - and the connection kept dropping every time.

Erin is now a UFAF 2nd degree black belt. We are planning to take a vacation to Vegas and attend the convention so Erin can meet Mr. Norris and have a photo made with him. I was in Vegas when I was18 - it seemed like a strange place to locate a city - out in the middle of nowhere. I imagine land was very cheap in the beginning.

That is all for awhile. The next time I blog, it'll be after I get back.