Friday, July 3, 2009

horses and countryside

The girls and I drove over to Maysville today and visited Sarah and her baby horses. The babies are so cute! Joey's baby looks like a toy horse, like she should be stuffed with polyfill and have wheels on the bottoms of her little hooves. Rain's horse is a perfect little horse speciman - bright eyed and I love how the little tufts of main stick up on his neck. I will post some pictures.

In the shot below, Rain is reaching down to give Erin a kiss.

Joey's baby doesn't let her mama get very far away and she wants to be touch her mother all the time. The blend in together in all the shots I took. I wish I had a better camera. Rain and her baby are easier to photograph - at least their contrasting colors make them easier to tell where one horse ends and the other begins.

The girls played with the kitties. Black Kitty was much more friendly than White Kitty. Black Kitty is Siamese and he's not really our kitties. Sarah named this cats when they were kittens.
Speaking of black's a shot of Jack I found today. His eyes are barely slits..he is pretending to sleep.

So after visiting the horses, we went to Old Washington. That is a pretty neat place; some really old buildings there. Then we visited Stock's old farm in Fleming County. I had only been there once before that I remember. Sarah is taking on some major work in the old house. I do not think she has a clue how much she has bitten off!! Enough to chew on for three years I imagine! Unfortunately, winter will be here before she knows it. Cleaning out the barn is a major undertaking too!
I got my final grade for the research class. I was happy. Next up, Organizational Behavior. Hmmmmm....I really don't know what it's going to be like. Soon I will be making reservations for my second year residency class. G-R-O-A-N!! Another presentation???? I don't even want to start thinking about it. It is two days shorter than the first year residency. I hope that means it's not as much work!
Tomorrow is the 4th of July. I promised Jerry I would play golf with him in the morning. He will then play another 18 with his dad and I'll come home and get some work done. I have MUCH to do as the end of my first week of freedom is almost over. I still need to get Emily's room painted and I need to go shopping for bathroom fixtures, floor, paint, etc. AND, I am going to get this dining room cleaned out because I can't work in this chaos any longer. It's DO or DIE!