Wednesday, March 29, 2017

In progress

I've not had time for blogging lately.  In fact, the sad fact is that my personal life stopped existing a few weeks ago. I was asked to take on another class and I agreed to do so. Just now, with 11 classes in progress, it has become a monster to keep up with everyone and everything.  But at this moment and for the next hour, I'm sitting in a student lounge until my next class meets - free time with my iPad in hand and a cup of hot tea - it is a very, very good life.

So, last Sunday, late in the afternoon, I got an email from a person at University #1.  She said there was no photo of me on file and I needed to report Monday afternoon for a quick headshot  - it would take only a minute. Instant dread - I detest having my picture taken.  Still, the reason I have no employee ID badge is because I have not reported to have a picture taken for the badge.  An employee badge will give me access to the faculty parking lot which is level with campus - those who have no employee badge or who are not handicapped must park at the bottom of the hill and hike up to the campus buildings - a hike actually with 118 steps in a variety of flights with uphill inclines between.  Going down is easy, but going up is a workout.

Anyway, I did nothing special to myself - it was a small photo taken with a computer camera to be laminated on a plastic badge (so I thought).  It was a windy day, my makeup had faded off as it always does by late afternoon. I walked across campus, walked into the office for the photo, saw no mirrors to check my hair, so just plopped right down in the chair in front of the garish blue backdrop, did the expected cheesy smile, and snap snap, all done.  As I collected my stuff to leave, the lady said, "Now, you know what this photo is for, right?"  I replied, "yeah, so where do I go to pick up the badge?"  She frowned, then said, "this photo is for our display of distinguished faculty. We will blow the photo up to 8X10, frame it, and it will hang in the lobbies of our three campus locations until next year."  SPLENDID!   No do-over, no airbrushing or Photoshopping, just the rawest of raw me, blown up to life size with wind-blown hair and minimal endure for a year.  At least there will be photos of five others, and hopefully their photos will be no better than mine.

It is time to plant cabbage and broccoli in the garden. When will I find time?