Wednesday, March 6, 2013

another one bites the dust

Well world, it’s done!  The dastardly dissertation was submitted for board approval (or not) March 5th at 7 AM EST.  I’m pretty pleased to have submitted when I wanted to (actually, I’d have been more pleased to have submitted last summer).  The uninvolved committee man read through it and praised my efforts.  He suggested a change to one sentence in Chapter 3 that was a marked improvement.  He also insisted that if he were my chairman, this would have been a mixed methods study.  Thank heavens he’s not my chairman because qualitative research scares me.  He also identified a contribution my research makes that I didn’t recognize, so I added that.  My chairman kept me hanging, so I texted him March 4th afternoon reminding him that I hoped to submit March 5th, and would he be able to approve or provide feedback ASAP?  He replied an hour later, saying to submit.  Life is good like that sometimes.   


Life is very busy this week...and next.  I have to fly across the country to attend three very long days of meetings – a boondoggle if you ask me.  It will take me a day to get there and a day to get home.  The agenda is jammed into 3 14-hour days.  We will be a cozy bunch and have lunch and dinner brought into the meeting room.  UGH...I hate living with people I work with.  I also hate driving in big city traffic.
To make matters worse, I have to be with Erin in Lexington all day Saturday for an audition.  Sunday, I have to be in Grayson most of the day with Emily who is taking a piano master class.  We are scrambling to get Erin’s stuff ready for the audition, but a friend who does a lot of framing is going to help.  Thank heavens for friends!

Worst of all, our microwave bit the dust tonight.  It’s a tragic loss with me leaving town for a week.  Someone does not use the stove for anything.  The girls will use the oven occasionally, and Emily likes to pan-fry chicken sometimes.  Without a microwave...they will be lost.  I won’t have time to shop for a new one before leaving, and it’s a built-in appliance which complicates things for me.  I have to make sure the new one fits in the slot, and I’m not sure I can install it myself.  Someone has zero competency with anything requiring tools and intuition (he’s a hell of a good lawyer though).

And what could be worse than all this?  For the 4th time now, I got into whatever I’m allergic to again.  I go back to the doctor Friday for another steroid shot, but even so, it takes about a week before I’ll look normal again.  I was supposed to have allergy testing done next week, but cancelled the appointment because of my trip.  So it goes.  My nemesis will remain a mystery awhile longer.  *sigh* I have to go to work, shopping, and to a school meeting tomorrow night looking like this  :(

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