Sunday, February 6, 2022

Bird Brain

 I feel like writing a blog post – it helps to clear my brain. Right now, my brain could use a good cleaning. For that matter, my whole house could use a good clearing and cleaning. Perhaps that is the true source of the moss in my brain. So many tasks, so little time! More significantly, so little motivation!

The world is going to hell in a handbasket, but my little microcosm for today, at least, is defined by the plot of ground outside my window. Here at my desk, which sits beside a window, I can see four bird feeding stations. My favorite is a clear acrylic feeder affixed directly to the window with suction cups.  It’s delightful to have birds and squirrels visit less than three feet from me.

The excessive snow and ice this winter have driven the birds and squirrels to our yard – there’s the silver lining to the raincloud that is our winter. I do love winter, but enough with the snow and ice already!  My favorite of all the wildlife visitors is the Northern Flicker woodpecker. One visited regularly during the lockdown winter 2021. Finally, just a week or so ago, he came back! Now I see him every day. He likes the suet feeder, but more often than not, he feeds on suet crumbs dropped by other birds (and squirrels) at the base of the tree.

view from the porch

Where I usually walk Gracie

Work is crazy hectic as hell right now. I don’t want to go into it (because I don’t want to think about it), but let’s just say that once I post this blog entry, I will be repotting some plants, walking my Gracie, and then working until I drop into bed. No housework.  No Netflix. Instead, we shall press forward with work tasks that MUST be done ASAP.  I mean that in every sense of the words – as soon as possible, like, no later than tomorrow. UGH!  I’m getting too old for this kind of work stress.

Catherine is just amazing. I got to visit her last weekend (or course Sarah and Desmond too)…but really, it’s all about snuggling with that irresistible baby!  She’s just so much fun to play with now at 3.5 months old. Her little coos and squeals are delightful. When she smiles at me, the world stands still. Everyone should be so lucky in their lives to have a grandbaby.  Alas, it will likely be a few weeks before I see her in person again. The mean Covid is spreading throughout campus (“like a gender-reveal wildfire”) and we’re hosting a covid super-spreader event next Friday. We’re having kids from four high schools come to our campus for a competition. I won't be visiting anyone until I'm sure I haven't caught a germ. 

Sweet baby 💗

The many faces of Catherine

Life doesn’t happen in a chair in front of a screen. It’s time to get moving and make some things happen today.  It’s go time!