Monday, November 30, 2009

Been a while...

I must apologize, it has been awhile since I posted. It's been a month of losses. Our sweet Chewy died of lung cancer this month. Best dog ever and deeply missed.

This is a rather crappy picture I took with my rather crappy cellphone. Chewy used to roll over on her back when she wanted a belly-rub. We all miss her.

School is going...still. I just finished 23 hours (of 62). Next class up is RESearch 722. I am supposed to learn much more about quantitative and qualitative tests for validity, accuracy, and generalizability. EW! It's good though, I have been reading hundreds of studies and when I get to the method and results parts....I jump straight away to the discussion and conclusions. I don't like to read all that VERY IMPORTANT part... :-( I SHOULD have been reading all those parts...but they are dreadfully tiresome reading.

NO, I have digressed. There are more losses this month. My beloved wild cherry tree. We had it cut down because it was struck by lightening. I will miss its sweet scent in the spring. I won't miss those catepillars though. The tree was magnificient. Almost as tall as the tulip tree. The front yard looks oddly bare without it. As for the back yard, we had a tall maple taken out. It succumbed to a drainage problem. Our backyard is turning back into a lake, I think. I kind of like the idea....., especially now that the tree is gone. When the man cut the main trunk, it was very hollow. The tree died from the inside out.

Interesting thought - how things die. Some die from the inside out (like Chewy with lung cancer, and the tree that water-logged). Some die from the outside in (like our cherry tree struck by lightening or a deer, struck by a car).

Sarah comes home finally!! In one more week, I will hug her again. I hope things work out the way that is best for her...whatever that might be. I got to see Katie over Thanksgiving. She rarely comes down and I never go see her. When I am done with school, I will catch up with people. I have so little time anymore.

That's all for now. I start writing tomorrow - I think the Dr. is going to be good, he certainly has an interesting bio. I hope my classmates are lively and the discussion is fun.