Thursday, February 1, 2018

rat's nest

Susie Homemaker, I am not.  As much as my mind wanders to imagine (sometimes) an immaculate, well-organized house – well, let’s just say my imagination is much more willing than my motivation and heart. 

Today, to celebrate February 1st, I finished packing up Christmas stuff and carried it all to the basement.  At that point, I should have whipped out the vacuum, gave the room a good sweeping and dusting, rearranged everything back the way it was prior to setting up the Christmas tree...but no.  After 14 trips down and up those basement stairs, old KyLady decided to sit down and do some desk work.  But oh Lord, my desk was wretchedly piled up – so bad that it was completely annoying and distracting.  So, I cleared it off, washed it off, filed papers that needed to be filed, paid bills, subscribed to e-statements for those businesses that send me WAY too much paper, and now my desk is marvelous.  Probably not for long.  At least 20% of the crap on my desk was Someone’s shit.  The file cabinet is right beside my desk.  He could file his own crap, but no, he wants the house slave to do it for him.  Where’s my house slave?

So, after screwing around with my desk, I was completely out of the mood to do any real work at it.  I started laundry, and then commenced to put clean dishes away out of the dishwasher.  And then...well, there were plastic food containers to put away, and the cabinet where they belong was in a desperate state.  I grabbed a ladder, clawed everything out of that cabinet of chaos, washed the shelves off, matched lids to the containers, and threw all the orphans into the garbage can.  I took a photo because in less than a week, nobody will be able to tell it ever looked as organized as it does now.


My housecleaning strategy is ADD (attention deficit disorder).  I rarely finish any one thing before some other chore grabs my attention.  Probably, this is not the best strategy.  The project manager in me wants to create a detailed plan and task schedule with milestones, but then it would be too much like work.  Cleaning this house is pretty much an adventure, and I kind of like it that way.

Enough adventure for one day.  It’s time to do some real work.  Assignments need to be graded, discussion boards to catch up on, and I have to get a new class ready to open Sunday night.  The time to get busy is now...and I have a nice, clean desk.