Saturday, November 15, 2008


I have been writing all night...and here I am writing again. Obviously I just can't get enough. Tonight, I wrote about aligning IT strategy with business unit strategy and how that can be accomplished with cross-functional teams. I also wrote about....ummmm...heck....something about innovation and how you look for the cause of resistance and negotiate that way rather than try to come up with a better idea. If they resist and I insist, they will resist more. That's a whole lot like negotiating with a tween and a teen.

My tweens will very soon be teens...they are growing up SO fast. Too fast in some ways, but they are blossoming. I best not list details because they both know the qualities I admire about them. My first daughter knows what I admire about her as well. She is the only one who ever reads my blog anymore I am sure.

Tonight I was AGAIN inspired about what to do my disertation on. Each time I get inspired, it's even more exciting to me. GOD, I must be turning into a total nerd......isn't this a hazard of the profession?? I got two inspirations tonight!!! I am going to learn 2 things: MC9090 handhelds and I want to learn Share Point. If I can master these two things, I have a PLAN.........well, not right this instant. I have a vision...but no plan yet. A strategy though - YES!!!

I took my strange little cup to the office today. It makes me SO HAPPY!!! My Sarah made it for my birthday. It is nice and shiney except for it's strange little teeth and it's funny little feet. OHHHH I love that phrase...funny little feet. Double letters in each word :-) What I like most of all about it (besides the fact that it was fruition of Sarah's creative spirit) is the tail sort of handle on it. It reminds me of a rat's tail. If she had put big rat ears on it -it would be a perfect rat. I don't like rats much. They are nervous creatures. I will need to take a photo of my earless rat cup. I will have my friend Terry take the photo with his extra special newest lens. From what he says, with this new lens he could take a photo of my mug in the moonlight. Coo-L! I put treasures in my cup today - I went for a walk at lunch. I found some beautiful litte Japanese maple leaves - scarlet, and I got some twigs of yellow hickory leaves. I also found some pink ginkgo...but I can't find the tree! Everytime I walk through that section I look for it....every fall it's leaves are in the same place...but I can't find the tree. Illusive tree...with the cloak of invisibility. I picked up some persimmon seeds and beechnut seeds. So in my cup right now, I have that plus a couple of tiny oak leaves. They only have 3 fingers or prongs or whatever you call those extensions on a leaf. I have a couple of little feathers in it too. Happy stuff in my happy cup.

I am going to practice karate! I am in the mood for that. I need to review some stuff and work on my new form...I can't spell it but it sounds like this...Pin Yon Show Don. And all the Pin Yon forms are FORMAL. You have to ask for permission to try: Attention, Announce te form and say "Permission to begin!", Bow. You get attention, June Be (not spelled right), then announce the form name ...then begin. I am now an orange belt, working toward a blue I think. Oddly enough, I can see value in this stuff. I was in Findlay with Cheryl on a business trip. Long story short, one morning when Cheryl was driving she started to turn just as a pedestrian stepped into the street. She hit the brake and told the guy she was sorry - I didn't see him either, we were both watching oncoming traffic while she was trying to make a left turn across 3 lanes. Anyway, the irate guy chased us down two blocks into the parking lot and ran up behind Cheryl. I saw him first and I immediately/instinctively put down what I hand in my hands and got almost in a fighting position. I thought he might hit her - he got up within a foot behind her. I immediately said "Uh oh! Cheryl!!" She turned and the guy was immediately in her face, "What's the matter with you! You blind? Sorry isn't good enough!!!", etc. As soon as I advanced he backed off. He was very rude, but stalked off pretty quickly.

WELL...enough of that. I am practicing karate and then playing some piano, and then....going to bed. I need to write a post tomorrow and work EXTENSIVELY on my team paper. I would love to complete that by Sunday afternoon if at all possible. I'm going to Morehead tomorrow night to listen to my almost teens play in a concert. Erin on the viola and Emily on the cello...and Sarah on the fiddle somewhere not where I am.
I could have taken him...I think.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm back in

I wanted to blog last night but I couldn't remember my login ID or password, so I gave up. I remember now...but I have not much to say. Sarah called me and was full of happy news. I am glad she is happy.

I have been hard at work on work for my class. I'm pretty disappointed in at least one of my team-mates. I am hoping he pulls through for us tonight..if not, me and the other lady will have to cough up another 500 words each. Plus, I haven't run the thing through the plagiarism checker yet..that sometimes yields interesting results. The thing is due tomorrow night and I am always BUSY BUSY on Mondays.

I have another idea for my dissertation. I had thought about something to do with info systems used in the orchard industry...but Now....I'm thinking about IT's influence on reducing carbon footprint....I stumbled across some articles last night that were quite intrigueing.

We are going to Hawaii...believe it or not. I have to make another payment this month. The payments are not fun, but I intend to have fun in Hawaii when I go...a few days in paradise. The girls are going there for orchestra and the old man and I will go along to chaperone our kids and "what not".

Two more weeks of this class then it's time to get serious about cleaning, painting, and fixing up some stuff. I need to call and get some estimates. Never a free moment these days.