Sunday, May 12, 2013

my magnificent Mother's Day

Today is Mother’s Day which will be over as soon as I set my alarm clock and lay my head on a pillow (most definitely in that order....because sleep is a fairly instant thing for me).  It was a delightful day, starting out with the clearest blue sky you can imagine, and spring painting the hillsides with glorious dogwood and locust tree blooms.  Erin and Emily went with me this morning to visit Sarah.  What a fun Mother’s Day it has been! 
beautiful dogwoods
Sarah’s kitty, (they call her Belle) had adorable kittens two weeks ago.  Their eyes are open and they are just barely starting to play a bit.  They are oh so soft and sweet.  The momma cat is a good mother and encourages her babies to stay close to her, but is kind enough to let us hold them.  Of course the girls want me to bring home a few when they are old enough, but no, we have no more room at the inn for more pets.  With two cats and a dog, and the girls going off to college in another year, we will not be adding to the menagerie.  

busy mother

soft, fuzzy sweetness

Sarah made brunch for us....a sort of traditional Irish breakfast with sausage, eggs, beans, and blood pudding.  It was tasty and best of all, I did no work at all.  It’s quite a luxury to have somebody else do the cooking and cleaning up.  It rarely happens at my house, in fact, I can’t remember the last time. 

So, I have to get signature pages printed and mailed off with pre-addressed, pre-paid envelopes (this is for my dissertation).  The problem is that the template provided for the pages does not match the written page specifications.  Perhaps I should produce two sets (one like the template and one like the written specs) and have everyone sign both sets.  The last person to sign is the dean who stated that if the pages do not meet specifications exactly, they will be rejected.  If he has two sets, hopefully one will be correct and he can discard the incorrect one.  I imagine it could take a month or more to get clarification before I mail the pages for signatures. 

Tomorrow is Monday.  *sigh*          

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