Sunday, September 22, 2019

Adios Summer 2019

KYLady has not blogged in a very long time.  Summer has come and gone, and my goodness, it was a wonderful summer.  Truly, KYLady is blessed to have so much wonderful stuff to do, and yet, much that she planned to do over the summer did not happen.  Such is life. 

Someone and I went to Myrtle Beach in July, meeting up with Someone’s family there like we ALWAYS do.  I mean ALWAYS in every sense of the word.  It has been the same vacation for 25 years now – same beach house, same restaurants, same...well....everything pretty much. We played golf every day.  I can’t do the intense sun on the beach, but I walked the beach in the mornings and evenings looking for shark teeth.  I found plenty, but also found the best one ever.   

Myrtle Beach by moonlight

Not quite a megalodon tooth, but pretty big nonetheless

Someone heading out to the beach (as I am heading in)

Emily and I did a mini-overnight stay in a Cabin near Cave Run, and then sometime in July, Erin, Emily, Sarah, and I did a weekend visit.  We stayed in a rustic cabin with a hot tub on the porch and a copperhead that lived under the porch (he stuck his head out once to assure us that we were invading his home).  We went swimming at Cave Run, made smores by the campfire, and played Pandemic (a fun board game) and Catan (a not-so-fun board game).  Sarah loves Catan though, so we played.  I love spending time with my girls – it’s the best thing in my life.

Campfire with the girls and that silly bear statue
Hanging out on the back porch
Cave Run - beach - photo doesn't do it justice

I’ve had the kayak out plenty of times this summer.  Someone has taken a liking to kayaking and has been renting one to come along with me sometimes.  Once, Erin was home and she came with us.  Another time, Emily came with us.  For both Erin and Emily, it was their first time.  I think they had fun.  Someone and I had fun with them...we like spending time with our girls.

Someone and I took Gracie on many hikes over the summer.  I wonder if we would hike as often as we do if not for our dog – probably not.  She loves going for a walk – it’s what she lives for and it’s absolutely the highlight of her day.  Someone or I need only say the word walk to get her excited.

Sweet Puppers is all tuckered out after her walkies
Miss Molly is taking a short break from hunting (and eating)

Life is very busy just now...but not nearly as stressful as it was a month ago (or even yesterday).  I had enrolled in a master of applied economics program, thinking to take enough hours to teach economics (I needed 15 more graduate hours).  What the hell was I thinking?  I do like economics, but after reading enough to remind myself about it, it’s just not something that I want to teach.  I prefer technology -  something where students (and I) get our hands dirty with to speak.  I finally pulled the plug this morning – withdrew myself completely from the program.  Hooray!!!!

So, what is next for old KYLady?  Well, for one thing, shopping.  We need a new garbage disposal and dishwasher.  Also, a new car (or perhaps a used one).  I am currently driving a 2004 minivan and a 2002 Camry.  The minivan is super handy for hauling the kayak, and the Camry runs great.  Still, these vehicles are old.  The Camry doesn’t have anti-lock brakes, and the headlights are wretched in comparison to halogen headlights on newer cars.  It’s handy having two vehicles so that when one is in the shop, I still have one to drive.  But there's insurance and property tax on two cars and maintenance on two cars...I will live with inconvenience.  Then there is also the issue of new flooring throughout our house.  It is time.  I’ve decided that some will be hardwood and some will be vinyl plank.  Good riddance to the carpet.

Work is keeping me busy.  I have seven classes with University #1 this semester, and five with University #2.  It’s a lot.  I enjoy the work, but it’s a lot.  I do plan to begin preparing to recertify with Microsoft Office.  I’m almost ready...but I need to spend more time learning some of the newer features for the 2019 version.  It’s work, but all good.