Sunday, September 26, 2010


Things are not going well at all with getting approval for the study I want to do for my dissertation.  Why in the world did I think it was going to work out?  I knew pessimism was the correct attitude, but obviously more pessimism was needed.  Honestly, I had enough hope at the beginning to think it would work out.  Is anything in this world easy?  Anything at all?  No. 

On a happier note, my African violet is amazing right now. 

So tomorrow, I am hoping to get a promising e-mail.  Some glimmer of  hope.  It's hard to stay on this literature review if the study is going down the drain..  If no evidence of hope by the end of the workday tomorrow, I will abandon all hope and pursue another this point, what will that be?  It's going to be another night of bad dreams, no doubt.  I hate failure.  Funny how my dreams seem to be directly tied to the mess going on in my life.   

It's getting late, and I have nothing positive to write about.   Not a good thing....

Friday, September 17, 2010

More So Soon?

I took a picture with my obnoxious, poor excuse for a phone today.  It does not do it justice but I will post it anyway.  My office would be a very sad place without plants.  My corn plant is taller than me now. 

It's Friday night and I must work on the literature review for my dissertation tonight.  I have a terrible feeling about all this.  I'm pretty sure my company will not let me do this study.  I don't think they will say no...I just think they will never say yes.  Why do I always make everything so complicated?  Is there anything at all in this world that is easy?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bouncing off Walls

I am bouncing off walls tonight.  I knocked off work early because...just because.  It was a very frustrating day today.  In fact, Sarah's picture reminds me of me today!  Well, it would  be me if I wore dresses to work and had long hair. 

Some day, I will retire from "that place" and get a job I want to do.  OR, maybe, I will find a job in "that place" I want to do.  For now, the good news is that my boss has given me the project I wanted, BUT (and there's alway a catch) I have to take on some other crappy work at the same time.  So, I get a project that's going to require a lot of analysis and travel, but then he saddles me with more busy work.  The busy work is already killing me.  I hate bureaucracy!   

Should I write about my dissertation?  I think the bureaucracy will not permit me to do the study.  My own company would rather not allow something like this because they've never done it before and there's no published procedure for it.  God forbid they give OK without meetings, procedure writing, and approvals.  Of course, that's not the excuse I will hear.  Some change agent I am!  Plan B and C are already swirling in my head.  On the bright side, my mentor said my prelim outline is good enough, my topic is worthy, and I get to read studies that interest me.  I think my selected topic is a good enough choice for  me.  Someday, if I survive all this, I will get a teaching job and research whatever I want!   

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Higher Education

Where to begin? Cheryl gave me an African violet which is one of the things I like most about my office. It has gone crazy recently and is loaded with blooms...I have to give you a visual!

My office plants are the only things that make that job tolerable in many respects. I have an older photo of a spider plant that has really gotten bottom heavy lately. I will have to harvest some babies and start new plants soon. Also, my corn plant (I don't have a photo unfortunately) is now taller than me. It is magnificent!
So, today, I have been reading studies in preparation of writing an outline for my literature review. The reading has been interesting so I'm thankful that I have not selected a boring topic Still, it's so overwhelming to think that I must somehow find a way to organize the info provided from hundreds of studies. I'm also starting to wonder if my topic is even worthy of studying....I will write aboout that in my reflection statement this week.
A number of words came up today that I had to look up again. Listing them here (seeing them again) may help me eventually commit them to my unreliable memory.
  • salience - prominence, or importance (why can't I remember this one)???!!!
  • amenable - willing to comply
  • ceteris paribus - all other things being equal - (I should have remembered this one)
  • veridical - coinciding with reality
  • egalitarian - belief in the equality of all people
  • Bayesian learning - evidence or observations are used to update what is known about underlying hyptheses. Huh? That was the most concise definition I could find, but I'm not sure it makes that much sense to me.

Friday, September 3, 2010

zzzzzzz and Sand

I'm searching for committee members tonight. What a chore! I'm not having much success with the search criteria selectors. I select quantitative and case study, management and technology for experience, and it returns too many. The metadata is ill-defined. I've come to find there are many, MANY more teaching faculty than business or technology faculty. I told myself I will not go to bed until I've officially selected four candidates.

I recently heard someone talk about drawing a line in the sand. He spoke as if the line is a barrier that separates before and after - like a impenetrable fortress that can never be breached. But sand is not very firm and is not permanent. A good hard rain and the line is gone. What is that phrase really supposed to mean?

Back to work now. Get the task done so I can go to's been a very long day (and week).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I can't help but be happy this evening. Dr. Chairman (my dissertation mentor) promised to not let me stray too far off the path to success. Also, he cleared up the confusion with my study design. I will still be doing a correlational study, but now I will be using a predictive design rather than the explanatory design. I changed my independent and dependent variables to predictors and criterions. So now, I am a bit more confident that this thing could be doable.

The next order of business, start getting written approvals to do the study. I will work on this tomorrow...and remind myself to keep after it...along with everything else I must keep after. Too many irons in the fire right now!