Friday, January 30, 2009

Been around....

I'm taking time to post here tonight. I should be working, but I went outside a bit to enjoy the frosty cold night. The trees are encased in ice and they sparkle in the lights of the town's darkness. My twin apple trees are especially frilly, but seeing that show reminded me that I need to prune them back next month. I need to go out there tomorrow and see if the ice damaged them or the cherry trees. I wonder if the sweet cherry will survive this's never been a healthy tree.

My class is coming along. I'm finding some interesting things to read about. I need to write another paper, bigger than the last one, 350 words bigger. Ok, that's about two good paragraphs. Somehow it just seems much bigger. It is going to be difficult though...I have to find conflicting sources. And how about that! If I have to present multiple opinions, it's going to take more words.

I am now a blue belt in karate, and so is Jerry. Erin is our revered 2nd degree UFAF black belt, and I think she has a studio black belt too. As for me, black is WAY in the future. I thought I was now working toward advanced blue, but Jerry insists we jump right to green. Cool. Green is my favorite color (sometimes).

I am "on holiday" tomorrow (which is why I'm up so late like an idiot.) Floating Holiday. Oh my, I just realized it IS my floating holiday! Anyway, I am going to bed now and get up in the early morning and work on my paper. I have MUCH reading to do tomorrow. I need to do some construction work :-)