Saturday, June 20, 2009

Is it 3 AM?

I've been writing all evening, then took Chewy for a long walk. Just got back in a few minutes ago and look at the time! Tonight I am writing annotated bibliographies. These are a bit time consuming because they are critiques of research studies. I must write a topical outline for a literature review to defend a problem statement. I am using a problem statement from a prior assignment so I already had read through parts of at least 4 studies (primary source documents.) Six of my sources must be research studies and I have to include annotated bibliographies.

So tomorrow, I'm writing two posts and finishing up team work - I WISH! Some of the other students are slacking off in this class. One of my team-mates withdrew last week. Maybe they don't have as good a motivator as I have :-)

I am turning in because I have LOTS of writing to do tomorrow.