Sunday, December 1, 2019

It's happening

Welcome, December.  I’m excited for Christmas and the semester to be ending, and to be getting classes set up for next semester which is something that must be started soon.  I’m having my hip replaced this month...less than a week before Christmas.  I’m trying to remain positive and brave, but it’s really hard with so many people sharing their horror stories with me.  No more looking at need to get any more visualizations of what will be done to my hip.  As the date is fast approaching, I fully realize it’s the right thing to do.  After a 15-minute walk with Gracie, it’s all I can do to limp back to the car. 

Happy creek after the rain

This afternoon, I got on Amazon and bought STUFF – lots of stuff.  Stuff for gifts, stuff for me, and an air fryer – stuff for the house!  All the girls have asked for starts off my snake plant (aka mother-in-law tongue, aka sansevieria).  Mine is large and pot-bound...intentionally pot bound because my hope is that it will bloom.  Anyway, I bought pots and will make three starts, one for each girl.  I also needed a pot for a start off my monstera for Emily. 

My beautiful Christmas cacti

The outside Christmas lights are up.  I’ve carried our larger Christmas tree upstairs, but alas, I’ve not moved ahead with assembly or decorating it.  No doubt I will need to buy more lights.  We’ve used a smaller tree the past few years, but this year, I wanted something more cheerful.  It’s likely that I could use some cheer by the time Christmas gets here.  I can only imagine.  What was it that lady told me at the grocery store – “Oh honey, I was in agony for the first three weeks.”  Agony?  Like, I’m thinking natural childbirth (with Sarah) was something like agony for a few hours.  She was worth it.  Anyway, I’d better make the tree look great because most likely it will be up until I take it down and put it perhaps February is when that will be possible??  

So, my calendar is really busy for December.  I have a doctor appointment for a pre-surgery physical, a dentist appointment, a patient-education class for pre-surgery hip patients, a pre-surgery registration appointment, a Christmas party at work, a Christmas lunch with retirees and employees of my former work family (after 33 years, we are like family), a meeting with my attorney to get some things finalized...and a haircut.  I also have to get in six hours of training before December 15 for a recertification that is needed.  It’s going to be a busy month. I hate busy.