Thursday, June 30, 2022

oh deer!

Things are starting to slow down a little bit – finally. OK, let me be a little more realistic.  There is no slow down. There are so many things (like, SO MANY things) that need to get done before August 1, but to maintain a happy life, I’m choosing to procrastinate a little bit just now because the weather this entire week (and today) has been utterly divine. Say what you will about Kentucky, but 75 degrees and a few puffy clouds in blue sky cannot be beat anywhere in the world. 

This morning, before other things could stomp on the day, I loaded up my kayak and went out on the lake.  This is the first time in 2022!  What is wrong with me? Getting out on the water is something I absolutely love doing. Delightfully, I pretty much had the lake all to myself but for a few fishermen standing on the dock. There’s no better way to enjoy the splendor of nature – solitude. No people talking, no vehicles, no other boats.  Just me, the wind in the leaves, birds singing, woodpeckers pecking, and an occasional creature splashing in the water.  

On Greenbo Lake

On my drive to the lake, I rounded a curve to see three deer standing in the road. I slowed and finally stopped because nothing was behind me. Mama deer and two babies made no effort to move. Finally, I inched forward. The babies ran into the woods on the right and mama jumped over the guard rail into the woods on the left. Balls! I hate when they split.  It probably means one of them will get hit by a car when they try to meet up again. 

While paddling the lake this morning, I saw several deer (solo deer) down by the shore. They watched me and I watched them. Beautiful creatures. I can’t imagine killing one for sport, yet people do that.  How is it sport when you use a high-powered rifle with a scope? It’s illegal to bait them, but people do that too. People are just every kind of evil and horrible…well, some people are.  

I heard turkeys chirping on the hills in several places around the lake. We have lots of wild turkeys in this area. It’s probably why we are getting so many coyotes around here. I usually see at least one large flock (15?) on my way to work in the mornings…when I drive to work. I have one more month off work…although, I really need to be getting stuff done before the semester starts.  But, not today. 

Golf is consuming much of my summer free time. Someone and I play a few times a week. I’m glad he likes to play. We have fun on the golf course, but he is a man and leisure golf is just different for men than it is for women (in my experience). Men are excruciatingly competitive. Every shot symbolizes their manhood. If they hit a bad shot, or God forbid, they’re having a bad day (so there are lots of bad shots), they whine and pout and refuse to finish the hole. Good God, man, it’s just a game!  Get over it.  

Hidden Cove Golf Course in early spring (I don't remember the hole #)

I used to play on a golf league at work. It was mostly men in my flight, so I have played with a variety of men. Most men do not want to get beat by a woman on the golf course. I’ve had my opponent forfeit after a few holes to save face. It’s not that I’m so good or even obnoxious. I like quiet on the golf course because to play well, I have to focus on each of my shots. Someone is a talker, unfortunately. I’ve learned to tune him out as best I can, but it’s a real challenge sometimes. When he’s playing well, it’s constant chatter.  

Old KyLady is feeling like she’s almost back in the saddle on the golf course. Over the years, I’ve lost distance. Finally, earlier this year, I got a lesson to see if a pro could help me figure things out. Pretty quickly, he identified the problem that I’ve been working on now to correct. I was not following all the way through on my swing. I was stopping short without realizing it. I blame my bad hip – it’s been going bad for years and getting stiffer and stiffer over time. Now that I’m aware (and my hip was repaired in December 2020), I am making the full turn toward the target and my distance is improving (better than ever, actually). Drive for show, putt for dough.  There’s no dough in my level of golf, but the next thing I want to work on is my short game. 

I want to write more often than I have been. Some people are prolific writers…but not me.  Not so much. Too many things get in the way. I start posts and then delete them. Do better. Be better.  I’m trying.  

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